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Anonymous File Status: Enabled

Max Anonymous File Size: 50.0 MB

Anonymous File Deleted After: 72h0m0s

Version: v0.2.0-2023-12-04T19:10+00:00 (local)


Q: What are anonymous uploads?
A: If you upload without an authorization token (that is, if you don't have an account), files are uploaded anonymously. Anonymous files have a max size limit and are automatically deleted after some time. In addition, these files are also subject to scans to filter out malware or other illegal files.

Q: How do I store files non-anonymously?
A: You need an account. If you want one, then ask me nicely.

Q: Is there an API?
A: Yes:

API PATH: https://f.sed.lol/files
    FILE=(The file to upload.)
CURL EXAMPLE: curl -F '[email protected]' 'https://f.sed.lol/files'

There is also a simple Bash script. Don't forget to chmod +x it :)

me=`basename "$0"`
if [ "$#" -ne 1 ]; then
    echo -e "USAGE:\n$me <file name>"
if [ ! -f $FILE ]; then
    echo "File not found!"
    exit 1
res=`curl -s -F "file=@$FILE" "https://f.sed.lol/files"`
echo $res

Q: Need to takedown a file/report abuse.
A: Mail me @ [email protected] with the name of the file.